After School
At Supermaster Kim MAA's After School Program, the children are picked up from school in a van providing top safety. Once they arrive at the studio, snacks are provided and children spend some time on their homework, test reviews, art, or reading.  Games are also created to help the students remember the information that they struggle with most on their exams. After homework, the children play games until it is time for taekwondo/judo. Once class has ended, they fold their uniforms, organize their things, and prepare for pick up. It's a perfect combination of school & life education, sports, and fun!
Friends, Games, and Culture!
The best part of camp is the lasting relationships it builds! Through our games, activities, and culture lessons, the kids find joy and fun in learning. It's definitely not a camp you want to miss out on!
Taekwondo, Judo, and Total Body Fitness!
Taekwondo, Judo, and Fitness is what we take pride in, and therefore, it is an important part of our after school as well! We focus on building strong minds, strong bodies, and strong relationships simultaneously.
Top Safety Transportation
Supermaster Kim MAA provides transportation for our students in a van that provides the best safety. If you see our van, be sure to wave and say hello! Our kids will wave back!
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