1. Little Tiger (Age 4-6)

    Our Little Tiger Program focuses on the development and improvement of the following basic skills: · Balance and Coordination · Focus and Eye Contact · Strength and Flexibility · Patience and Listening Skills · Self Control and Body Awareness · Self Confidence and Assertiveness · Healthy Social Skills and Teamwork

  2. Child Class (Age 7-11)

    Students get in more depth with the martial arts program which is a comprehensive system designed to develop character, leadership skills, and teach realistic self defense through high quality instruction. Some elements include: · Punch Combinations · Kick Combinations · Kicking Skills · Korean Language · Strength and Flexibility

  3. Teen & Adult (Age 12+)

    Our martial arts program for teens and adults focuses on realistic self-defense training with more advanced curriculum adapted towards older students. This includes: · Philosophy · Kicking Skills · Stance Skills · Punch Combinations · Adapted Curriculum · Focus on Fitness, Stress Relief, and Self-Defense · Korean Language

  4. Judo

    Judo translates to "The gentle way." This form of martial arts teaches how to use an opponent's strength against him/her. This is done through a series of throws, grappling, falling, and rolling techniques. Judo students will learn how to use technique instead of strength alone. This program includes: · Falling Techniques · Rolling · Grappling/Wrestling · Throwing · Stamina and Muscular Endurance · Japanese and Korean Language

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*We follow Forsyth County's School Calendar regarding holidays. This, however, does not include extended vacations such as summer break and winter break. On those occasions, we typically only close for one week.