Some of Our Happy Customers

  1. Our son has been a student with Master Kim for about 5 years. Master Kim teaches Taekwondo in the true spirit of the sport. We have seen our son grow in self confidence and skill with every passing year. Under Master Kim's guidance and training, our son now has a second degree black belt and is very motivated to pursue more advanced levels. We appreciate the commitment and dedication with which Master Kim teaches Taekwondo and would highly recommend his studio to others.
    Randall Ashby, MAJ. U.S Army
  2. Master Kim has given our children amazing gifts through his Taekwondo instruction. Both of our children have made tremendous progress in focus, confidence, respect, self-control, and physical agility. These improvements are evident not only in Master Kim's classes but at school and at home. Teachers and other family members have commented on the change that they have seen in our children over the past year. He is a tough but fair leader that communicates his expectations and standards and holds the students to them. In doing this, he provides a structure that students are able to excel. We consider Master Kim as an extension of our family, and I would recommend him to anyone.
    Shekhar Iyer, IT Developer
  3. Master Kim has done wonders for our 11 year old daughter. She has tried every imaginable activity and nothing stuck until she found his studio. She can't wait to attend each session. She is more physically fit and more organized. She shows more respect than she ever did before and acts more like an adult. It is making her into a more mature young lady. Not only is she able to protect herself and defend others, but it is literally transforming her character. 100% of success goes to Master Kim and his innovative way to teach and guide his students. Thank you so much for everything you have done for our daughter and for us!
    Jake Rog
  4. Master Kim is an incredible coach and advocate for the students. Our 11 year old Son has learned so many skills from discipline to physical fitness to focus and language. We couldn't be happier with this program and our Son loves all the challenges and comradery involved. We would recommend Supermaster Kim's program to anyone. Thank you SMK for all your coaching and passion!
    Mark Harden
  5. Both of our kids are practicing Tae Kwon Do in Supermaster Kim Martial Arts Academy. Our elder son is going to get 2nd degree soon, and we have been associated with Master kim's academy for 3+ years. Master Kim is a great person, well committed, dedicated, and also has excellent instructors. I also have recommended Master Kim's studio to many of my friends.
    Laks R.
  6. Both of my boys have been a part of Master Kim's studio for the past 6 years, and we have had nothing but a great experience!! Master Kim treated my baby, 4 at the time now almost 9, like his own son, and my 12 year old has learned so much from Master Kim, receiving his black belt and winning multiple competitions with this studio! I would HIGHLY recommend Master Kim and all of his staff to any and everyone!! They are AMAZING!!
    Kristina Woodard
  7. Master Kim has taught my boys so much. Not only are they learning Tae Kwon Do, they are learning how to improve their young listening skills and their discipline. I would highly recommend SuperMaster Kim’s academy!
    Shannon Voss
  8. My 7 year old daughter looks forward to going to Master Kim's Taekwondo every week. Master Kim is very good with children. My daughter loves the sparring and does her best there. We feel it's a very good program and helps kids to be focused and confident. The intructors are very good and keep it fun yet disciplined at the same time. I would highly recommend trying the program.
    Radhika Doshi
  9. My kid is going to the academy for a few months now, and she absolutely loves it. Master Kim is very professional and pays attention to the students. The staff is very good with kids and friendly. They make learning a lot of fun.
    Mohitaa Audichya
  10. Thank you master Kim for you hard work! My son is more confident in himself and tries hard to do his best. We are very happy to be a part of your team.
    Isela Aguilar
  11. My daughter just started couple weeks ago. I was a bit worried since she is very shy and never tried martial art before. However, the atmosphere is really friendly here. Master Kim always remembers your kid's name and gives attention to each kid personally. At one lesson, my kid just recovered from a cold and looked a bit pale, and Master Kim immediately noticed that and kept asking if she's ok. My daughter is happy and enjoying her Taekwondo lessons here.
    Rima Midjaja