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About the Award: The Presidential Volunteer Service Award is a national recognition presented to individuals who have dedicated their time and efforts to making a difference through volunteer service. Whether it’s mentoring youth, feeding the hungry, or cleaning up the environment, volunteers play a vital role in addressing the most pressing needs of society.

Recommendation Letters for College: In addition to recognizing volunteers for their service, Supermaster Kim Martial Arts Academy is proud to offer support to students pursuing higher education. Our dedicated instructors are available to write personalized recommendation letters for college applications. These letters highlight the unique skills, qualities, and experiences of our students, helping them stand out in the competitive college admissions process.

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Welcome to Supermaster Kim Martial Arts ACADEMY

We’re an academy that focuses on building the overall character of students through the teachings of traditional Korean Taekwondo and Japanese/Korean Judo.


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Mon – Thu: 2:00pm – 9:00pm

Friday: 2:00pm – 8:30pm

Saturday: 7:00am – 1:30pm

Sunday: Closed

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What our members are saying

Prem kumarPrem kumar
16:53 15 Sep 23
My boys Rayan (7) and Aryan (4 - Tiny Tigers) are taking Taekwondo classes. Master Kim and team (Master Jay and Instructor Dayanna) are great Instructors. My boys love this place, I see a change in their behavior, timing and discipline. It's a great institution for Kids.
Mahesh Rajan BabuMahesh Rajan Babu
14:09 15 Sep 23
Moving from CA to Georgia and trying to continue my daughter's taekwondo journey, Master Kim made the transition so easy for my daughter and I must say the training is more rigorous under Master Kim which enables the kids to be fit and ready for competitions....
Chandrasena ReddyChandrasena Reddy
21:03 14 Sep 23
We have the privilege of training for my son, under the guidance of Super Master Kim for the past two years, and I can confidently say that he and his team is an exceptional Taekwondo instructor Team.Their teaching style is both engaging and effective. The instructor team emphasizes proper techniques, ensures that sparring sessions are controlled, and provides ample protective gear to prevent injuries. Master Kim has an innate ability to break down complex movements into manageable steps, making it easy for students of all levels to grasp and improve. Beyond physical skills, Master Kim instills valuable life lessons. He emphasizes the importance of respect, discipline, perseverance, and humility, which have not only improved my Kid's Taekwondo but also his everyday life. Training with Master Kim and his Team has been a joy for my Son.If you're looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable, and inspiring Taekwondo instructor who cares about your progress, Super Master KIM is the one you / your kids want to train with.
Rahul SgRahul Sg
20:37 14 Sep 23
My kid has been in the judo program for the past few months and it's been a great decision to enroll in the program. I love the discipline that comes with the program. Tha nk you all the masters!
Irvin ChaconIrvin Chacon
20:10 14 Sep 23
Master Kim and his team are VERY professional and have excellent service! My Child learns and has fun with all her teammates. Master Kim is puts Respect,Honor and integrity in his business. His instructors reflect Master Kims ways. Fully recommend for any grown adults and children!
Sheila ChapmanSheila Chapman
01:58 08 Sep 23
This is an amazing place to learn Tae Kwon Do. They have created a great environment for kids, where they can learn discipline and technique while having fun at the same time. Master Kim and Master Jay are great with kids and parents. I highly recommend it.
Wookie ParkWookie Park
13:06 25 Aug 23
My son has been attending this Judo class for over 8 months now, and the transformation we've seen in him is nothing short of remarkable. When he started, he was lacking motivation, seemed lazy, and was reluctant to try anything new. However, thanks to the dedicated instructors and the positive environment here, he has undergone a complete turnaround.The instructors (Super Master Kim and Judy) at this Judo class not only teach martial arts but also instill essential life values like discipline and respect. It's amazing to witness how these lessons have positively impacted my son's behavior and attitude. He's not only become physically stronger but also mentally and emotionally resilient.The sense of community and camaraderie in this class is outstanding. My son looks forward to every session, and he's always excited to share what he's learned. The instructors are not just teachers; they are mentors who genuinely care about the development of each child.I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire team at this Judo class for helping my son grow into a motivated, disciplined, and respectful young individual. This class has had a profound impact on his life, and I couldn't be happier with the results.I wholeheartedly recommend this Judo class to any parent looking for a positive and transformative experience for their child. It's more than just a martial arts class; it's a place where character is built.Thank you again to the wonderful instructors and staff. Keep up the fantastic work!
Christian RamosChristian Ramos
20:26 14 Jul 23
I have been taking my little ones to Supermaster Kim’s Taekwondo for almost 5 months. Super Master Kim has really created a friendly and welcoming environment for his students and understands the importance of listening and respect in his lessons. I really value the dedication to his students and the level of support with his knowledgeable instructors. A big thank you to to Master Jay, instructor Emmanuel, instructor Diana and others for their mentorship with my little ones.
paul yipaul yi
17:39 14 Jul 23
It’s an amazing place where you learn judo with respect. The master here is very professional and knowledgeable and there’s a lot of knowledge to learn about. It’s very exciting to go every class to learn more about judo. Me personally I have been shaping my body along with my mind and have been experiencing a great change! Definitely recommend this place.P.S I drive almost 40min to get to this place and yes it’s worth it.
Robyn BattagliaRobyn Battaglia
21:46 14 Dec 22
We absolutely love Super Master Kim's Academy. The staff there is absolutely wonderful and great with the kids. The strength our kids have gained is amazing and has helped them in their other sports as well. Highly recommend SuperMaster Kim's Academy!
Anuradha SinghAnuradha Singh
15:37 29 Nov 22
My son goes there. Its been almost 1 year now. I like discipline and hard work master Kim focus on there along with taekwondo lessons. My kids went there during summer break too. It was so much fun along with learning .Highly recommend master Kim's academy. All the masters are really good. But I like master J. She is so humble, so nice.Thank you all of you super master Kim academy
Siddharth VangalaSiddharth Vangala
19:44 18 Nov 22
Very well-maintained studio. Excellent instructors. Master Kim is very meticulous and always makes sure the kids are learning not only the martial arts but also learning good life lessons. He is really good at pushing the kids' boundaries and make them better every single day. The experience has been a very positive influence on the self-confidence of my kids.
Ryan JinRyan Jin
02:39 18 Nov 22
This is an incredible dojo for Judo, we parents love to be present and enjoy the class as well. Master Kim has studied Judo in Japan and Tae Kwon Do in Korea and is very professional and knowledgeable! Master Kim and his staff have done an amazing job of creating a fun and safe environment for kids!
Manjari AgManjari Ag
13:05 29 Aug 22
Great school - I highly recommend it for anyone .My daughters have learned Taekwondo from Master Kim and Master J for 4 years. My girls are 1st degree black belt now. We have had a Wonderful experience. Masters here are skillful, knowledgeable, dedicated and hospitable.Master Kim and Master J are great people to be around and has mentored my girls in many ways . This may be the only school that along with taekwondo teaches life values - discipline, sincerity, respect for others, which will form a strong foundation in early years of a child. They truly care about students' progression not only in their classes, but in life.

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