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Browse through some of the most frequently asked questions and feel free to contact us with any that you have not found answers to.

What's the difference between Taekwondo, Judo, and Karate?

Taekwondo originated in Korea and translates to “The way of the hand and foot.” It focuses on the use of blocks, hand techniques, and kicking techniques for self defense. It can be used to maintain distance from the opponent and is a great option for those who are nervous about physical sports. It is also used as a part of mandatory training in militaries across the globe.

Judo originated in Japan and translates to “The Gentle Way.” Judo focuses on throwing and grappling techniques for self defense. It is a close-contact sport that utilizes the opponent’s strength against him/her and is therefore also a great option for those who are visually impaired. Judo is also commonly taught in police forces as a means to take down and hold down an offender.

Similarly to how there are different types of dance (ballet, hip hop, etc.), there are different types of martial arts.

Karate seems to be a term many people use to define any kind of martial art, however, Karate is its own type.

Karate originated in Japan and focuses on hand skills more than kicking skills.

What makes your academy different from the others?

We highly recommend you watch one of our classes before registering to ensure our school’s style meets your expectations.

When a student receives a black belt from our school, their character will have changed and their skills need to be applicable in the real-world. We do not and will not provide certificates as participation trophies. We want our students to feel confident in what they’ve earned and learned. Not only will they have developed physically, but Taekwondo and Judo teach life and disciplinary virtues to be used daily.

In addition to the above, our academy registers students under the official federations (Kukkiwon, Korea Judo Association, and/or USA Judo). While many schools provide black belts with their own school certificates, we train under the guidance and certification of globally-recognized federations.

Can a beginner join an all belts class?

If your class is not specified as a beginner’s class, no worries. Even our mixed belt classes will benefit you. Physical, stamina, muscular training will be done as a group. When it comes to learning skills and techniques, you’ll be divided across various instructors to receive attention specific to your belt level.

How and when are belt tests conducted?

Our studio holds one Taekwondo belt test per month, but a student will participate on average every 2 – 3 months.

One Judo belt test is conducted every 6 months.

There is an attendance requirement to be met first to ensure the student received enough training. Then physical ability and techniques will be checked to determine if the student performs to the standard necessary for the next level.


Taekwondo programs

Taekwondo originated in Korea and translates to “The way of the hand and foot.” It is a martial art focused on utilizing blocks, kicks, and hand techniques for self defense.

Tiny Tigers Program

3 – 6 Years Old

3 – 6 year old children are naturally curious. Some are full of energy and need an outlet. Some are shy and prefer to hide behind mom or dad. They need a safe environment to explore and build their characters and identities. At this age, children are like sponges – they will absorb the information and teachings presented to them. Therefore this is one of the most precious times but also one of the most beneficial for them to establish basic foundations for manners, confidence, discipline, and social skills.

Kids Taekwondo Program

7 – 12 Years Old

Suddenly school is no longer just fun and games. At this age, responsibilities grow and so does pressure. With each class, students become more healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. They’ll learn when to speak up, when to step  back, and when to stand up. They become humbly confident. Give your kids the lifelong gifts of personal growth, confidence, discipline, and self defense. 

kids taekwondo
teens & adult taekwondo class

Teens & Adults Program

13+ Years Old

One of the best aspects of martial arts is that it provides a great workout while also providing useful real-world self defense techniques. Whether you’re looking to get into shape, relieve stress, learn self defense, or you’re just looking for a new activity, Taekwondo can provide that and more.


Judo programs

Judo originated in Japan and translates to “The gentle way.” It is a martial art focused on utilizing throwing and grappling techniques for self defense.

kids judo

Kids Judo Program

3 – 12 Years Old

What’s magical about Judo is that it was originally created with the intention of smaller opponents being able to defeat larger opponents. If your child enjoys “play-wrestling” at home, then Judo is a great and safe outlet for that energy. Children will first learn how to protect themselves from falls. They then learn how to most effectively grab and redirect an opponent’s strength and the application of skills. It’s a sport that will develop physical and mental strength all within a foundation built on discipline and humbleness.

Teens & Adults Judo

13+ Years Old

Judo provides a total body workout and a great means to self defense. Learn how to apply and also protect yourself against falls, choke holds, pressure holds, and bar techniques. Traditional Judo is highly focused on discipline, respect, and sportsmanship – much different from mainstream MMA that is televised today. The environment for Judo is safe, highly motivating, and humbling.

adults judo class



In addition to our regular Taekwondo and Judo programs, we provide additional training for those focused on competition, leadership positions, and students who need extra care.

taekwondo gold medal

Competition training

Competition training occurs in addition to regular training for our competition members. Taekwondo competition consists of kyorugi (sparring), poomsae (forms), and kyuk-pa (board breaking). Judo competition is focused on randori (sparring). Those who wish to compete will go through much more rigorous and strict training on and off the mats.

Leadership Program

The leadership program was developed for those who are looking to increase their confidence, presentation, and leadership abilities. Some of our leadership team has their goal set on becoming instructors. Some are focused on taking higher positions in the work field, and some are just trying to confidently present to a class. We hold two 15-week sessions per year and there are levels to practice and present through in order to obtain the next.

Instructor Group
Supermaster Kim Taekwondo Ceremony

Special Needs Private Training

If you or your child requires additional attention that cannot be given in a group setting, then our special needs private training sessions may be a better fit for you. Some students with ADHD, autism, etc. thrive in group settings while others may be over-stimulated or stressed from loud or busy environments. Our instructors have experience accommodating ADHD, autism, blind, deaf, mute, and more. You can feel comfortable and safe to discuss any accommodations you may need.

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